Giving back to the community is important. Our mission is to focus on the potential of special education students and allow them to express themselves through activities that develop key life skills such as listening, communication, self-esteem, confidence and identifying emotions.

The Special Focus performing arts program includes:

- Improv activities that increase listening, attention and social interaction
- Storytelling and role playing personal experiences to identify feelings and model behavior to handle real life problems
- Speech and movement exercises to enhance communication and coordination
- A final performance in front of an audience to increase self-esteem and break down social barriers

Activities are performed in the classroom with the active participation of teachers and students, making it a fun, safe, supportive environment.

Performing arts are an amazing and inspiring way to unlock a special education student's potential. Special Focus is pleased to bring the joy of improv and performance to Northern California elementary school children.

If you would like to book a Special Focus program at your elementary school, please contact us.