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Voiceover Demos
Voiceover Demos
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Voice One will help you produce your voiceover demo.


Demos are produced on an individual basis in order to insure quality. Rates vary according to type and length of demo.

No demos are produced until a student has completed the core curriculum classes, attended the Daytime Conservatory and some additional classes in areas where growth is needed, or is currently working. When you feel ready to produce a demo, we suggest attending the PREPARING FOR A DEMO class. Or, you can contact Elaine Clark to set up an appointment. She will give you an assignment for pulling the necessary materials. Plan on spending approx. 4 hours in the studio.

Types of demos include:
- Commercial
- Narration
- Character
- Audio Books
- Promos

Recordings are edited, mixed and delivered in .WAV and .MP3.