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Video Demos
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Professional Demos are produced by Voice One in association with John Crane Films.


Add video to your web site or send it to agents and producers on tape, CD, mini-CD, or as an email attachment.
You'll be blown away by the quality!
To schedule an appointment, call Voice One at 415-974-1103.

Rates: Beginning at $1500.

You get:
- Commercial montage
- Industrial
- Theatrical

Deliverable on:
- Mini DV
- VHS Tape
- QuickTime movies on Zip Disk
- Email movie

Lindsay Riley n/a
4.8 mb
2.8 mb
Dennis Yen 2.9 mb
3.3 mb
4.8 mb
Maria Brady
(Email size)
2.8 mb
388 kb
3.5 mb
484 kb
5.2 mb
684 kb
Jan Haley n/a
2.9 mb
4.7 mb
Bob Wood 4.2 mb
3.3 mb
4.8 mb
Elaine Clark 2.2 mb
2.3 mb
6.5 mb