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You have the Core Curriculum classes under your belt. Now you want to improve your script analysis, have more intense mic workouts, connect with talent agents and producers, develop a strong marketing plan, explore effective use of social media, and delve deeper into commercials, narrations, and characters.

Script Analysis/Demo Prep Preparing for a Demo
Copy Intensive
VO Techniques
Your $Money Voice
Nuts & Bolts
Musical Literacy
Crack That Copy
Stay In Shape Small Group Workout
Casting Connection Professional Invitational
The Booking Edge
Talent Agents LA Agent Connection
Voice-Over Boot Camp
TV Tags & National Reads
Promos, Trailers & More
Nailing the Audition
Narration Advanced Audio Books #1
Advanced Audio Books #2
Long Form II
Character Going Pro in VO
That's Not All Folks!
Video Game: Atomosphere & Character Development
Toys, Apps & Spin-Offs
In The Studio
Marketing The Long Haul: Building A Career That Lasts
Mastering #Social Media