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Wanted: Voice over talent

With the explosion of new electronic media "Help Wanted: Voice Over Talent" is a common sight in the trade magazines. Once a career that was confined to radio and television, voice artists now find themselves a part of audio books, interactive toys and devices, video games and more. Voice over careers are waiting for those who take the time to receive the proper instruction. Voice One helps you become qualified to respond next time you see "Help Wanted: Voice Over Talent!"

Bright careers in voice overs

There is more to establishing successful careers in voice overs than learning to articulate your words. We have created a unique voiceover training program that teaches students to go beyond just talking heads. Voice over classes are supplemented with marketing seminars and classes on acting and improvisation. Once students have had the opportunity to develop their talent a demo CD and mp3 is created. Many bright careers in voice overs have been launched from the strong foundation gained at Voice One.

The finest San Francisco voiceover training

Recognized as the finest San Francisco voiceover training, the program also boasts a state of the art recording studio. In addition to being used to instruct our students, many different projects, including industrial narrations, documentaries, toys, audio books, and radio commercials, are completely engineered in this facility. A sixty five square foot sound booth is available as well as a full library of music and sound effects. In addition to this amazing resource, the institution always boasts an intimate thirty seat theater and a large classroom.

Whether you are seeking the best in San Francisco voiceover training, a state of the art recording studio staffed by experienced professionals or an improv group to entertain at your next corporate event, Voice One is your solution. Contact them today to begin exploring your future.