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Elaine Clark
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Elaine Clark (owner) as seen on Evening Magazine

Thinking about a career in voiceovers and acting? Voice One offers a comprehensive program to help you become a professional voice and on-camera actor. Careers in voice overs take more than a good voice and technical skills. Since 1986, Voice One has provided training and job opportunities in commercials, video games, audio books, industrials, and animation. "Help wanted: voice over talent" is a common sight online and in trade magazines as new electronic media needs voice artists. With our state of the art facility, experienced staff and unique approach, Voice One, the leader in San Francisco voiceover training, helps you build a sustainable career.

Owner/Founder, Elaine Clark, is an international communication guru and author of the best selling voice-over book, “There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is.”  Voice over classes begin with the Intro.  Check us out, and find out why Voice One students work! Explore the articles and resources able from Voice One to learn how we can help you get started in the career you always wanted.

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07 May   Su 10:00am-1:00pm
17 Jun  Sa 10:00am-1:00pm

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VOAtlanta March 9-12

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Alternate Sundays 5:30-7:30pm

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